We often get asked lots of questions about what kids need to wear in class, so here is a sumamry to help you. 

Uniforms are an important part of attending dance and acrobatics classes. 

Shoes are compulsory for Ballet and Jazz classes; this is a safe dance practice and ensures students can learn correctly and minimise risk of injury.

Hair must be worn in a bun for Ballet classes.

Hair must be tied back neatly off the face for Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Acrobatics.

As a family-friendly dance school that values modesty, we kindly ask that no midriff tops or two-piece outfits be worn to any classes. This is also important for safe & correct “spotting” in class.

Acrobatics classes can wear a one-piece leotard and any coloured shorts and shirt. 

Masterpiece Dance stocks some uniform items in our waiting room, including socks, stockings, leotards, shorts, tights and ballet skirts. We are hoping to expand our range in 2019, so please check what we have before driving up the Coast. If we don’t stock something, we recommend Showtime Dancewear at Kawana or Dance and Play at Northlakes.

We also have a range of Masterpiece Dance t-shirts and singlets for sale.  

For a full list of uniform requirements, please see our Parent Handbook when you register as a new customer.